Sample School Photography Site

This site was set up to showcase the more "school oriented" capabilities. You can still do everything you see on the other sample sites, but quite often schools have specific needs that other types of photographers may not need.

Green Screen

Our "Green Screen" display will work with any SOLID color background. We do not care if it is a shade of green, or black. We take a pixel that is 5 pixels in from the top left corner and 5 pixels down from that same corner. After we have that pixel's color we apply our best solution to replace that color with the background chosen by your client. The more SOLID your background, the better our replacement is. This solution allows you to sell a product before having to apply the green screen effect to it.

Sample of Green Screen - in a shopping cart


Our ability to create Packages allows you to put any product you have created into the package and set the price to the actual package instead of to the individual components of the package. You can also choose the number of poses allowed for the packages you create. Your customer will choose images for the individual components of the package based on the number of poses allowed.

Mass Uploading

Mass Uploading is the process of uploading several folders of images at different levels, all at once. The ability to upload large numbers of images all from one folder is simple and we have made it easy for you to do this. Currently our "Mass Uploader" only works with Google Chrome. It utilizes Chrome's ability to recognize an entire folder structure and we can then, via Drag-N-Drop, start the upload process of a very complex folder structure that handles events up to 6 levels deep. We are also currently working with PhotoLynx to integrate their FLOW system into our offering.